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Around Again is working to make waste a resource. We accept donated, still usable home furnishings, tools and building materials that are slated for the landfill and sell it in our store. Proceeds go for recycling  programs and supplies to reuse and up-cycle items.


We have been busy

If you have not stopped in for a bit you will see some changes.

Join our Project page. Stories and pictures of what you've created.
It's not what it is, it's what it can become." Dr Seuss

Create an account to borrow tools for a week at time with no charge

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 Calling all volunteer handy-persons!
So many items are easy to repair. So many people want to learn how to repair things.
Around Again wants you to help us create a permanent
fix-it shop on site. Come by or email us                                       to get information about our kickoff brainstorming party.

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