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NEW!        Hauling Service

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Service areas: Sequim and Port Angeles

The days we pick up: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

It's hard for us to say no!

Too many times we had to turn down your donation items because we couldn't sell it in our store. Now what do you do? Pay a hauling service to remove the stuff we couldn't accept? 

No more worries - we'll pick up everything! What we can't sell in our store we dispose of at the Clallam County transfer station.


Here's how it works

What we take - Everything except the following:

  • Petroleum products:
    * Gasoline     * Oil     * Kerosene     * Propane     * White gas

  • Chemicals for yard use:
    * Pesticides     * Fertilizers     * Mole killer     * Herbicides     * Pool chemicals

  • Explosives:
    * Fireworks    * Ammunition    * Blasting caps    * Dynamite

  • Miscellaneous:
    * Mercury thermometers     * Thermostats   
    * Solvents     * Antifreeze     * Asbestos     * Vehicle batteries


What we don't do:    

  • Prepare items for removal

  • Pull items out of bushes

  • Disconnect electrical connections

  • Drain fluid

  • Clean up hazardous material

Our Cost:

  • $100.00 minimum fee for the first hour and $100 per hour until we finish unloading at Around Again in Sequim or the Clallam County transfer station in Port Angeles.

  • How the time is calculated:
    $100 minimum fee for the first hour. After that time is charged in 30 minute blocks of $50.

  • Disposal fees we pass on to you:

  • The transfer station fee $186.36 per ton for general waste.

  • Refrigerators, freezers: $15.00 recycle fee per unit.

  • Tires: $15.00 recycle fee per unit.

  • What we don't charge you for:
    * Overage cost at the transfer station if we under-charge you for the weight of your load.
    * Mileage
    * Disposal cost of the items we keep to sell in the store based on the weight.

  • What we refund to you:
    If we inadvertently overcharge you for the Clallam County transfer station disposal fee we refund the difference to you.

When scheduling a pick-up please have this information ready:

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Address including nearest cross street

  • Apartment complex or housing development name

  • Are there stairs or an elevator?

  • Location of item(s)

  • Is there a clear path to the item(s)?

  • Item description(s) including:

    * Condition

    * Quantity

    * Amount

  • Before we arrive please:

    * Clear a safe path to all items

    * Disconnect electrical items

    * Have the items ready for pick-up. Small items should be in boxes or bags.


Schedule a pick-up: Call us at 360.683.7862   Monday – Saturday 10am – 4:30pm

Click on the button above to open a printable downloadable hauling service brochure

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