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Free tool library

Repurpose in many cases requires tools. To help we have a Tool library. Members can use a tool for a week with no charge. To check out tools you must created an account with us using a credit card that stays on file.

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Artist in store sales

We showcase arts and crafts for anyone who makes things out of recycled stuff. We display your work, collect your sale money, and do it all at no cost to you.

The criteria for your art

Your art or craft items must be handmade using at least 70% used materials. Display space is limited so the number of items and the length of time items are displayed is determined on a case by case basis.


Click on the button below to fill out a request form to display and sell your work as part of the artist in store program.


Classes and demonstrations about all things recycled

Sharing Our Experience

During the summer we offer free classes on all things RE....
There are no classes scheduled now so please check back this summer to see what fun things we have planned!

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