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Recycling links for Clallam County


Battery recycling: We no longer recycle single use batteries at Around Again. According to the EPA single use batteries are no longer a hazardous waste. While the metals in them can be recycled the cost for us to transport them has gotten too costly for us to pursue this recycling vs the impact of shipping them both financially and the carbon to do so.

If you would like to recycle them here is a link to a company that provides the boxes to ship them.


The Clallam County Public Solid Waste

This website lists five locations in Sequim and Port Angeles that take a wide variety of home and yard waste.



Stop getting junk mail, phone calls and spam email

U.S. Federal Trade Commission





Unused medical drugs

These programs help keep our waterways clean by keeping medicines out of our wastewater.


Sequim Police Department


Goodwill Industries in Port Angeles and Sequim


Fluorescent light bulbs recycled 

Around Again & Thurman Supply Port Angeles



Jim Bishop Metal Recycling

Free pick up

(360) 417-0861

Thrift Stores








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